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Latino Futures


A re-imagined future for America by building widespread awareness about the importance of the growing Latino population, and the many benefits the nation can gain by engaging Latinos in leadership, innovation, and all facets of prosperity and democracy-building.

Latino Futures envisions lasting social, democratic and economic prosperity in the U.S. for today and future generations by working as:

  • An applied research and education think tank dedicated to observing and analyzing contemporary life in the U.S. in connection with Latinos at a time when the nation is experiencing a Latino demographic boom, and pronounced acceleration in the aging of the White population.

  • A knowledge hub that builds on productive ideas that stimulate opportunities and applicable models of excellence. These models support and strengthen educational institutions, corporations, foundations and non-profits, and inform policy making.

  • A convener where ideas, foresight models, and concrete actions prosper and are shared through publications, presentations, workshops, advising, education, information sharing and strategic collaborations. Educators, business leaders, entrepreneurs, community leaders, policy makers and others gather at workshops and other meetings to brainstorm, share experiences, and develop growth-oriented plans for Latino leadership and national prosperity building.

  • An engine of education where students can be integrally engaged as interns, conduct research for their projects, and be active participants in designing and fostering the future of life in the U.S.