Mara Perez, Ph.D.

Fund Development and Planning Services



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Strengthening the stability and growth of non-profit organizations through effective fundraising, evaluation and strategic planning services 


Welcome to Mara Perez, Ph.D., Fund Development and Planning Services.


My most important goals as a fundraising and strategic planning consultant are:


    • Communicating your organization's mission, vision, goals, and accomplishments in creative and compelling ways; and
    • Developing strong, focused, and innovative program and organizational plans that lead to strategic achievements.


In every consulting engagement I am committed to:


    • Listening to you;
    • Understanding your needs and potential;
    • Being your loyal partner; and
    • Serving as your innovative and strategic adviser.


The overarching inspiration for my work is the positive social change we can bring about by working together. I have been a consultant for nearly twenty years, and my passion for this work has only increased over time.


I strongly believe non-profits' steadfast dedication to their communities plays a critical role in disrupting and dismantling social inequities, and enhancing quality of life for all.  I know that's your goal - and it is mine as well.